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Deutsch 1/German 1

November 27, 2017


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Kapitel 3

Stufe 3


Do Kapitel 3 Online Activity and then Self-Test.  Email me the results on Self-Test.  You can save this as a Google Doc.  This is for Extra Credit.

Kapitel 3 Online Activity


These are Kapitel 3 Activities that will help you remember the German we were working on in March.

Kap 3 Wortschatz.docx

Kapitel 3-Stufe 3 Worschatz.pptx

Kapitel 3-Stufe 2 Wortschatz Reg Deu.pptx

Die Familie

Ein, Eine Nominativ

Kapitel 3-Stufe 1 Workschatz Mix Eng.pptx

Wo wohnst du? Video Nr. 2

Kapitel 3-Stufe 1 Workschatz Reg Eng.pptx

Kapitel 3-Stufe 1 Workschatz.pptx

Ja, Nein, Danke, Bitte


Wo wohnst du?

Kapitel 3-Stufe 1 Workschatz Reg.pptx


Kapitel 2

7. Januar. 2020


Kann ich es wirklich?

Kapitel 2 Kann.pptx


Kapitel 2-Stufe 1 Wortschatz-M Eng.pptx

Kapitel 2-Stufe 2 Worschatz M Eng.pptx

Kapitel 2-Stufe 3 Wortschatz M Eng.pptx

Kapitel 2-Stufe 3 Wortschatz Reg Deutsch.pptx

German Words Order Time and Verbs

If you were gone, the document below will let you finish your notes!

Kapitel 2--Stufe 3 Note-taking answer.docx


Regular Verbs with Jenny

Kapitel 2-Stufe 2 Worschatz R.pptx

If you were gone, the document below will let you finish your notes!

Kapitel 2--Stufe 2 Interact Worksheetscansw.docx

Kapitel 2--Stufe 1 Inter Works answe.docx

Kapitel 1

Kapitel 1-Stufe 3

Kapitel 1-Stufe 3 Wortschatz-R.pptx

Kapitel 1--Stufe 3 Inter Worksheets-answers.docx

Kapitel 1-Stufe 2

Kapitel 1-Stufe 2 Quiz will be on September 24, 2019.

Kapitel 1-Stufe 2 Wortschatz-M Eng.pptx


Kapitel 1-Stufe 1

Kapitel 1-Stufe 1 Quiz will be September 10, 2019.

German 1-Ch. 1-Section 1 Review.docx

Kap. 1-St 1 Wortschatz-Eng m.pptx

Der, Die, Das Video

Speaking-Kapitel 1-Stufe 1 Interview.pptx

Kapitel 1 Situation Cards.pdf


Kap. 1-St 1 Wortschatz-R.pptx


Saying hello and goodbye SagtNI.pptx


Kapitel 1--Stufe 1 Interactive WorksAnS.docx




Das Alphabet

das Alphabet.pptx


16. August. 2019

Vorschau 19.docx