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What A Fourth Grader Needs to Know


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*        Read with fluency and expression at grade level
·        Write responses in complete sentence

·        Identify types of genre (text) based on format
·        Identify facts vs. opinions

  • Summarize & sequence a story
  • Recognize main characters, setting, and plot- (identify story elements)


  • Differentiate between author’s purpose and theme
  • Identify vocabulary by using context clues, affixes, and root words
  • Identify homophones


Language Arts
·        Write a 3-paragraph essay/report and story
·        Know parts of speech (noun, verbs, adjectives, adverb)
·        Identify subject and predicate

·        Begin using reference materials for research
·        Identify types of text based on format

  • Use literary devices (alliteration, similes, metaphors, personification, idioms) to elaborate writing

*       Know basic sentence structure

*        Know the steps in the writing process
·        Writes legibly 

Social Studies
·        Know and locate continents and oceans
·        Know cardinal directions
·        Know city, state, country, continent in which they live
·        Know the capital of Nebraska
·        Know his/her complete mailing address and telephone number